This is a safe space to ask questions
and to share your concerns in a strictly confidential environment

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What We Do

We aim to help you finding solutions in early stages of conflicts on academic, administrative or personal issues.

We would be happy to help answering any question you might have regarding rights and working condition regulation by ETH Zurich and/or Swiss government. We can provide you with information and refer you to the appropriate centers if more specialized help is needed. No action will be taken all along the process without your prior consent. We are here to listen and support, in a confidential way.

Who We Are

Get to know a little bit about our volunteers in their descriptions below and do not hesitate to get in touch!

Contact any of them via e-​mail to setup a face-​to-face confidential conversation
or write your question directly in the e-​mail.  

Eva-Maria Manz


Telegram: EvaMaria_helpdesk

“Hi, my name is Eva-Maria! I am fascinated by the world of RNA and the role of secondary structure in gene regulation. To maintain a work-life balance, I like to workout and to challenge myself, so recently I signed up to run a marathon. I know I am not alone, both in doing a PhD and running a marathon, and having someone to talk to or getting support, is very valuable. If you want to chat, have questions or need help – just send me a message, I am happy to help!”

Johannes Bader


Telegram: johannes_helpdesk

“Hi, my name is Johannes, nice to meet you! I am in my last year of PhD studies… and what a journey it has been so far… with mountain-top experiences and valley lows. Most importantly I came to the realization that my work doesn’t define who I am (side note: I am still passionate about my research topic). That takes a lot of pressure off my shoulders in a scientific world where we have to function, compete with others and deliver at the end of the day. Know this: as scientists we are pioneers and tend to become individualists. But everyone needs (a little) help! Life is supposed to be lived in community and not in isolation. I am happy to listen to your problems, shine some light on them and find the best solution for everyone!”

Luca Schlotheuber


Telegram: luca_helpdesk

“Hi, I am Luca, from the help desk. I enjoy skiing, running and a sort of weird cross-section of sports. Besides, I am a go-to, ready to start something new kind of person which explains some of my recent cooking agendas (although the quality needs to be improved, I was told). In this spirit I believe we should not take ourselves too seriously. The doctorate can be stressful not only physically, but also mentally draining and can feel overwhelming and too much for one person, so I have found taking everything with a bit of humor helps. Aside from humor, it’s important that you don’t have to solve everything by yourself. You can always reach out to us. We are happy to support or help if you are struggling or even just to talk, so don’t be shy.”

Andrea Eggeling


Telegram: andrea_helpdesk

“Hello, I am Andrea! It is very important to me to keep a sane work-life balance in such a demanding, time- and energy-consuming job like the doctorate. In my free-time I play volleyball, love hiking, riding my road bike, cross-country skiing and many more things related to nature. I am very happy to help with any challenges that you may encounter during your time here at D-CHAB.”

Seraphine Zhang


Telegram: Seraphine_helpdesk

“Hi, I am Seraphine. I am a PhD in heterogeneous catalysis and very passionate about my research. While we want to push the boundaries of cutting-edge research,  the PhD can be a very stressful experience at times. Being a woman in a male-dominated field can be overwhelming and often makes me feel alone and like an outsider who doesn’t belong. I believe talking over issues and getting a different perspective can go a long way. Outside of work, I am a big fan of the arts, whether it is fashion, the latest exhibition at the Beyeler foundation or the art of ancient greek philosophy. You can also find me in the ASVZ with my favorites being Yoga and Tennis. Feel free to reach out to me, I am happy to listen and support you.”

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