What We Do


The president and vice represent PSA at events, coordinate the teams and recruit new members. To make sure we stay within our means, our treasurer keeps an eye on the finances.

Career Team

Our career team organizes different events to facilitate the transition from academia to industry, including company visits, workshops and career talks, as well as alumni events to give us valuable insights into various career paths.

Social Team

Our social team makes sure you can leave the stressful research days behind and enjoy time together with fellow researchers and socialize at fun events. They also jointly plan events with our partner organizations.

Sports Team

Mens sana in corpore sana! To keep us physically active our sports team organizes different sport events throughout the year to bring the members together and spice things up with some competitions.

Media Team

The quarterly Newsletter is published by the media team for internal news. To keep you up to date in the meantime, the social media channels and the website are also run by the duo.

Politics Team

The politics team represents our interests in various decision-making bodies such as the Teaching Committee or the Department Conference and is involved in the evaluation of the study programs.